Diving in Croatia 2017

Deep Sea Dive Base in Zablace 2017

  • Day and night trips on our ship Andrea every day.
  • Diving in the remote area of Blitvenica, several brand new locations.
  • An unknown wreck near the island of Zirje.
  • The wreck of a military tug from II WW
  • Filling AIR, NITROX and TRIMIX.
  • Diving courses IANTD from beginners to Trimix with CZECH instructors
  • diving equipment rental
  • Base located only a few meters from the sea.
  • Affordable pricing packages for divers.
  • Francesca di Riminni at the normal cost of the dive.
  • Big offer of modern, fully equipped apartmens from 20 to 100 meters from the sea.
  • Reconstructed beacheses throughout the resort.
  • The diving base in Zablač offers beautiful scuba diving and a splendid holiday for the whole family.

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