As in previous seasons, we offer diving with “classical” air and with nitrox and trimix. We are entering into the season with a few enhancements of our ship:

  • especially complete roofing side rear sail against the weather
  • starting this year, we plan to prepare grilled delicacies during siesta between dives.

Diving in Sibenik archipelago offer is very diverse and includes more than 35 sites between Zirje, Kaprije, Zlarin and Zmajan. Caves, wrecks, deep reefs, but also a plethora of underwater walls ended only a few meters below the surface.

The greatest attraction for wreck divers is Francesca da Rimini - Italian steel ship, 50 meters long lying at a depth of 37-58 m (for divers with appropriate qualifications and experience), unknown military ship wreck at depth of 40-55m, wreck of a cargo ship Borak at a depth of 65 m (for certified trimix divers), but interesting is the wreck 30 meters long fishing boat lying at a depth of 30 meters.

The marine life here tend to see spotted dogfish shark , a large scorpion fish, eels, sea bream, weevers, squid, cuttlefish, lobsters and more and more and more. With a bit of luck then the morays, schools of tuna and broadnose pipefishes, but also that you may come across a turtle, sunfish or swordfish. For seeing there are different kinds of sponges, anemones, corals, snails, crustaceans and star fishes. Detailed description of the sites can be found using the new interactive map.

Andrea boat sails every day about nine hours on two dives between which there is sufficient time for a snack (possibility to order lunch on the ship), relaxation, or chat with friends. To the port we usually going back between four and five in the afternoon.

Base offers support for novice divers since their first breaths underwater, as well as experienced divers demanding dives according to their expectations and real ability.